JSR Life Sciences Completes Integration of MBL into its Family of Companies

SUNNYVALE, California, March 16, 2021 – JSR Life Sciences, LLC announced that the JSR Corporation has finalized the acquisition of all outstanding shares in MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD. (MBL). As a result, MBL is a wholly owned subsidiary and affiliate of the JSR Life Sciences family.  

The decision to formalize this agreement with MBL resulted from a partnership formed in 2013 where JSR would integrate its antibody, antigen, and gene-related technologies and reagent development technologies with MBL’s medical materials technologies. Over time, the partnership proved beneficial with both parties, which are keenly focused on human health and medical advancements through personalized medicine and the ongoing development of innovative diagnostic technologies.

“The acquisition of MBL’s outstanding shares is a strategic investment that supports JSR’s long-term vision and goals,” said Tim Lowery, president of JSR Life Sciences. “This new, more fully-integrated relationship with MBL will further strengthen JSR’s competitiveness in the drug discovery support field as well as the development of companion diagnostics.”

In the months following the transaction, the integration of the management teams will enable the company to quickly make upfront investments in development, equipment, and human resources, and focus on the medium-term management goals to maintain the domestic market, promote overseas expansion, and create new businesses. JSR and MBL will work together to further define their new partnership with a focus on making global advancements in human health.

About MBL

MBL was founded in 1969 as the first manufacturer of antibodies in Japan. Using technology built on advances in immunology and molecular biology, MBL offers clinical diagnostics and research reagents designed for analysis of proteins and/or genes associated primarily with autoimmune disorders, cancer, gynecological diseases, and infectious diseases. In recent years MBL has also been actively developing biomarker reagents and companion diagnostics, taking advantage of our strength in immunological and gene detection techniques. MBL is a JSR Life Sciences company. More information can be found here: https://www.mbl.co.jp/

About JSR Life Sciences, LLC

A business unit of JSR Corporation, JSR Life Science LLC (JSR LS) is changing human health as a strategic partner and pathfinder for the life sciences industry. Rooted in a history of materials innovation, JSR LS provides specialized products, materials, and services to biopharmaceutical companies and academic researchers. Together with its world-class affiliates, JSR LS offers best-in-class integrated services that de-risk molecule selection, accelerate biologic development timelines, increase clinical success rates, and develop novel in vitro diagnostics. JSR LS’s global network of affiliates includes Crown Bioscience, KBI Biopharma, Inc., Selexis SA, and MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD. The company operates R&D and applications labs, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, visit JSRLifeSciences.com

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