New Antibody Development for Use in Drug Delivery to Motor Nerves

Tokyo, Japan, July, 25, 2023 - In recent years, MBL raised and delivered monoclonal antibodies for Jiksak Bioengineering, a startup company with proprietary technologies developed for new therapeutic innovation in motor neuron degenerative diseases such as ALS and Parkinson’s disease.

These antibodies targets membrane proteins specifically expressed at the axon terminal of the human motor neuron. By combining these antibodies with Jiksak’s proprietary technology for drug delivery to the motor neuron’s synapse, Jiksak succeeded in developing a new technology named Drug Linked Carrier (DLC). DLC is a drug delivery technology specific for the motor neuron.

Recently, they obtained data showing both antibody dependent delivery of fluorophores to the site of the motor neuron in mouse models and the detection of these antibodies within the neuron cells. They also demonstrated antibody dependent targeted delivery of the active drug in a cell culture model. These datasets validate the hypothesized models for DLC’s mode of action.

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