JSR Active Innovation Fund LLC invests in Aillis, Inc., which develops and sells AI medical devices

Tokyo, Japan – January 10, 2024 - JSR Active Innovation Fund LLC (Executive Officer : Yutaka Yoshimoto, "JSR-AIF"), an investment subsidiary of JSR Corporation (CEO and President: Eric Johnson, “JSR”), announces that it has made an investment in Aillis, Inc. (CEO: Sho Okiyama, “Aillis").

JSR-AIF participated in the Series D financing of Aillis for the purpose of raising funds to accelerate research and development of AI (artificial intelligence) medical devices, sales, and marketing promotion. JSR-AIF invests globally in startups with a focus on digital technology.

Aillis is a startup that uses AI technology to develop AI medical devices that digitally reproduce the techniques of skilled doctors. Aillis has developed the "nodoca®" influenza examination device, which can assist in making diagnoses by examining the throat. The diagnosis of influenza based on throat imaging and medical information using nodoca® has been covered by Japanese insurance since December 1, 2022 and has been well received as a less stressful method of medical examination for patients. JSR sees alignment with Aillis' technology and mission to solve social problems.

JSR will continue to create new value for society through future strategic investments by JSR-AIF and by combining the innovative technologies and business models created by startups with the accumulated knowledge and experience of JSR.

Aillis, Inc.

Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Foundation : November 2017

Representative: Representative Director: Sho Okiyama

Business: Development, manufacture and sale of medical devices using AI technology, and R&D of AI technology.

Web site: https://www.aillis.jp/

JSR Active Innovation Fund, LLC

Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Foundation: October 2019

Representative: Officer Performing Duties, Yutaka Yoshimoto

Business: Investment for start-ups and supports for developing investees business.

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