Crown Bioscience Enters Global Agreement with Shanghai Model Organisms Center

San Diego, USA — May 24, 2024. Crown Bioscience, a global contract research organization (CRO) and a JSR Life Sciences company, today announces the completion of a global collaboration agreement with the Shanghai Model Organisms Center (SMOC). This five-year agreement extends the existing partnership and will provide unique immuno-oncology platforms and services from all Crown Bioscience facilities worldwide.


This strategic alliance includes:


  • The purchase and supply of a broad range of genetically engineered mouse models, including thousands of knock-in and knock-out humanized models,
  • Genetically engineered cell line development services,
  • Custom development of GEMM models and MuPrimeTM (Crown Bioscience’s tumor homograft models) leveraging SMOC-engineered mice.


Globally, Crown Bioscience research affiliates will benefit from uniform pricing, comprehensive IP protection, and licensing rights. This uniformity is accompanied by a shared commitment to research excellence, unrivaled quality standards, and scientific innovation.


Key advantages for Crown Bioscience customers include:


  • Unprecedented Access: Immediate access to SMOC’s extensive library, featuring over 6,000 off-the-shelf mouse models and more than 11,000 established genetically engineered mouse prototypes.
  • Consistent Supply Chain: A reliable source of genetically engineered cell lines and murine models, alongside highly translational humanized models.
  • Global Strategic Synergy: Fostering a global strategic partnership, extending beyond procurement, that enhances both entities' capabilities and offerings.


Through this collaboration, Crown Bioscience and SMOC will help bridge the gap between scientific discovery and clinical application and foster the continuous growth and evolution of global research initiatives.

Click here for more information on our innovative immuno-oncology platforms and services.


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