MBL Co-sponsors a Seminar on MEBRIGHT™ genitalium Plus DR Kit at the 98th JAID / the 72nd JSC Conference

Tokyo, Japan – June 20th, 2024 - Medical and Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hiroki Ito, “MBL”), JSR Life Sciences Company, announces that it will co-sponsor a luncheon seminar on the "MEBRIGHT™ genitalium Plus DR Kit" (hereafter referred to as "this reagent") which received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) on December 18th, 2023, at the 98th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Infectious Diseases and the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Chemotherapy held at the Kobe International Conference Center / Kobe International Exhibition Hall 1 from June 27th (Thursday) to 29th (Saturday), 2024.

MEBRIGHT™ genitalium Plus DR Kit is a nucleic acid amplification test to detect Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) and major mutations in its 23S rRNA gene domain V region1) (A2071G, A2071C, A2071T, A2072G, A2072C, A2072T) in DNA extracted from urine and cervical abrasions. This reagent is expected to contribute to reducing the burden on patients with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) through the appropriate therapeutic medication by simultaneously detecting mutations associated with drug resistance of Mycoplasma genitalium.

The luncheon seminar scheduled for June 27th (Thu.) will be chaired by Dr. Takashi Deguchi of Central Japan International Medical Center, and speakers will be Dr. Mitsuru Yasuda, Department of Infection Control and Laboratory Medicine, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine, and Dr. Shin Ito of Ai Clinic, who will speak on the "importance of simultaneous detection of Mycoplasma genitalium and drug resistance in STDs.”

For details, please refer to our website: https://www.mbl.co.jp/company/info_list/PR_2024seminar_genitalium.pdf

About Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Mycoplasma genitalium:

STDs, represented by urethritis in men and cervicitis in women, have become a global public health issue with more than one million infections per day worldwide, resulting in a decreased quality of life and serious medical conditions.

Urethritis is classified into gonococcal and nongonococcal urethritis, and although chlamydia was known to be the primary causative microorganism of nongonococcal urethritis, recent studies have revealed that MG accounts for approximately 10% of the causative microorganisms of urethritis.

In the diagnosis of MG infection, testing by nucleic acid amplification is required because it cannot be cultured in general. In the treatment, MG is acquiring drug-resistant mutations against first-line macrolide antimicrobials and second-line new quinolone antimicrobials, and there is an urgent need to prevent their spread.


1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Working Group, JAID/JSC Committee for the Preparation of Treatment Guides and Guidelines for Infectious Diseases, The Japanese Associations of Infectious Diseases and The Japanese Society of Chemotherapy. JAID/JSC Guidelines for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases

2. The Japan Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines 2020

3. Jensen, J. S. Methods Mol Biol. 2012, vol. 903, p. 129-139.

Product Information:

Product Name : MEBRIGHT™ genitalium Plus DR Kit

Approval No. : 30500EZX00055000

Intended use : Detection of Mycoplasma genitalium DNA and macrolide resistance-related mutant DNA in Mycoplasma genitalium 23S rRNA genes in urine or cervical abrasions

(diagnostic aid for Mycoplasma genitalium infection and Mycoplasma genitalium macrolide-resistant infection)

Testing method : Real time-PCR

Package Size : 96 tests/kit

Shelf life : 24 months


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About Medical and Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.

MBL was established in 1969 as the first antibody manufacturer in Japan, and researches, develops, manufactures, and sells reagents of in vitro diagnostics and reagents for basic research. MBL has now expanded its business not only to the immunological field but also to the field of genetic diagnosis. In the field of oncology, MBL is contributing to personalized medicine by developing companion diagnostics. For more information, please visit https://www.mblbio.com/cdx/

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