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JSR Life Sciences brings together the deep biochemical knowledge and understanding of human disease, expertise in drug discovery and development, and access to capital into a single, integrated framework that creates value for our customers.

JSR supports the drug discovery and development needs of our partners with tailored solutions that identifies and applies the right tools and technologies to support their unique therapeutic programs. From de-risking molecule selection and accelerating biologic development timelines, to increasing clinical success rates and developing in vitro diagnostics, JSR Life Sciences is committed to guiding our customers’ innovative science along the path to becoming life-saving medicines.

Accelerating Our Life Sciences Footprint

We offer our partners best-in-class research products and services for outsourced drug discovery and development. With our proprietary products and services and through our affiliate companies, JSR has a global presence including 28 sites in seven countries.

Our Affiliates

We leverage the core competencies of our affiliates to create integrated solutions that are designed to guide our partners’ programs from the lab through commercialization.

Crown Bioscience
Contract research organization with advanced technology for precision medicine

Similis Bio
Similis Bio jump-starts your biosimilar program with pre-qualified analytical methods, detailed reference product characterization & off-the-shelf assets.

Biomarker discovery for companion and in vitro diagnostics

KBI Biopharma
Global contract development and manufacturing organization with advanced analytical capabilities

JSR’s specialty life science research products include:

Amsphere A3, a protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein separation

ChromNeX chromatography platform for improved purification processes

Magnosphere hydrophilic and hydrophobic microparticles for research and in vitro diagnostics use

JSR Life Sciences is a business unit of JSR Corporation, a multinational advanced materials and solutions company based in Japan.

Latest JSR Life Sciences news

JSRグループのKBI Biopharma、モノクローナル抗体の開発・製造を最適化する 「SUREmAb™」 のサービス提供を開始

JSRグループのライフサイエンス企業、KBI Biopharma, Inc. (以下KBI Biopharma) は、最適なモノクローナル抗体 (以下mAb)の安全でコスト効率の高い開発と製造を可能にするSUREmAb™のサービス提供を開始しました。SUREmAb™は、運用実績のあるSUREtechnology Platform™に基づいて構築されたCDMOソリューションで、お客様に効率的で...

Indivumed Servicesのハンブルク拠点が米国臨床病理医協会 (CAP) の認定を取得

JSR株式会社のライフサイエンス事業のグループ企業であるCrown BioscienceのIndivumed Services GmbHは、同社ハンブルク拠点が米国臨床病理医協会 (CAP) からラボ認定を受けたことを発表しました。業界の代表的基準として認知されているCAP認定は、臨床生体試料の試験において最高水準の品質、精度、一貫性を満たし、維持している一流のラボに与えられます。

JSRグループのCrown BioscienceとHanXバイオファーマ社の共同研究がNature誌のScientific Reportsに掲載されました

JSR株式会社のライフサイエンス事業のグループ企業であるCrown Bioscienceは、独自の幅広い前臨床モデリングのポートフォリオで、HanXバイオファーマ社(以下「HanX社」)とFDA治験新薬(IND)申請に向けて開発を進めてきました。

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